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Stop staring at your screen for hours everytime you need new marketing content.

extensive library of ready to use formulas.

Get immediate access to our library of hundreds of conversion-optimized headlines, emails, and survey questions, ready to use at your fingertips.

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Generate hundreds of different variations of your marketing content easily and hit the ground running, do what used to take days, now in minutes.

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All of our templates are based on existing psychology principles that are well known and designed for conversions. Try different ones to see which one will work the best for you.

Extensive library of conversion based formula

Jumpstart your marketing engine

  • Get started quickly when you need to generate new marketing material for your business or product.
  • Get access to hundreds of email templates, conversion based headlines, and qualifying survey questions.
  • Get more conversions, our formulas are research-driven and split tested for the best result
Do what used to take days, now in minutes.

Easily create countless variations to use

  • Perfect for brainstorming and iterating on your ideas or split testing content
  • Get access to hundreds of battle-tested formulas for emails, headlines, and surveys!
  • Manage and save your marketing content per-project basis, with unlimited projects and team access
Stop manually saving your templates by hand.

Use your own winning formula
and put the power of the tool to use.

  • Add your custom formula and use with any of the variables in the system, works the same as our pre-generated formula
  • All in one place for all your template and formulas, manage your templates per-project basis
Work Smarter on your next project

Easily Export & Save
content for later

  • Get a headstart when you working on your next project, by loading projects you have worked on.
  • Easily save and export your marketing content to use anywhere else or reuse for your campaign

It's like having secret weapon!

“Being able to effortlessly create and experiment with so many different headlines has been a total game-changer for us. SimplyMarketing lets us create high impact headline quickly allow us to move much faster and stay ahead of our competitors”

Jason SimplyMarketing testimonial
Jason Langdon
AtomicReach Senior Sales Manager

Powerful tool for our teams

SimplyMarketing has proven to be an indisposable tool to have. We were able to iterate through many ideas and pick the best one quickly and effortlessly. Being a small team with limited resources,this has been tremendously valuable to us.”

Jason SimplyMarketing testimonial
Clara Holton
Viafoura Marketing Manager

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Don't start from scratch every time. Stop staring at your screen for hours every time you need marketing content.

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Suitable for Product launches, blogs, marketing campaigns, emails, advertising, newsletters and much more

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Get reliable results everytime

Our content is optimized and tested for conversion. Simply navigate to our blueprint library choose the one you need.

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Great content creates curiosity, excitement, and enthusiasm to click or continue. Harness the power of master copywriter yourself

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Get money back if you don't see any positive results using our app. We are certain you will see positive results.

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For a very low, one time investment you can keep creating high converting content for your product, time and time again. With free content updates regularly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are planning to add new formulas and content categories to the existing library as well as new features such as drip campaigns, popups, advertising, and more.

You can have unlimited projects/teams use the app. You don't have to purchase or subscribe for each member of your team.