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3 Things to do TODAY to Write Quality Copy Without Content Writers

There is little to debate when it comes to the importance of writing quality, attention-grabbing content to compliment your website or product.

Regardless of whether people’s attention spans have shortened in recent years or they have always been short due to evolutionary reasons; bottom line is: they’re short. So you need to grab their attention, and you need to do it fast.

According to, 8 out of 10 people on average will read your headline, while only 2 out of 10 will be compelled to read the rest of your content.

In other words, the importance of your headline can hardly be overstated as it may be the only difference between your visitor giving you their short supply of attention or taking it elsewhere.

If you wish to look into some specific reasons why dull content writing may be drilling holes in your recently-sailed business, check out this post by Neil Patel.

So What Now?

You know you have a solid product, whatever it may be, you have done your research and know that there is demand for the value your brand can bring.

You are receiving visitors, but they don’t seem to be converting into clients.

You’re thinking that it may be your written content or copy that's not cutting it; after all, you are an entrepreneur and not Tolkien.

You don’t really want to pay for a content writer because it costs money and resources you may not be able to spare; and also because you want to do it yourself and have total control over what is written.

A study conducted by CBInsights suggests that significant percentages of start-ups fail due to poor marketing, neglecting customers, and getting outcompeted. In short, simply having a good product does not at all guarantee success.

If the headline is poor, the copy will not be read. And copy that is not read does not sell goods.”

- John Caples, Advertising Expert

3 Things to Start Doing Now

1. Provide Value

If your headline reads something like this:

"We provide the best video editing software on the market today!"


"Award Winning Experts Passionate About [TOPIC]"

with a button that looks like:

You’ve got some work to do.

One of the things these headlines don’t suggest is that the content would provide any value for the person reading it.

Your supposed “best” video software will not make your audience a better video editor - it might, but not according to this headline.

If your software or product or service really is the best, then you will have to let your clients decide that for themselves. No one likes a person claiming to be the best at something, that respect has to be earned.

But the first step to attaining clients to begin with is to provide them with value.

One way you can reformat that headline can be:

"5 ways you can be a better video editor today!"

And actually provide 5 useful tips that anyone, regardless of whether they are a paying client, can use to do just that. Oh, and how soon can I become this better editor?



You have just helped a visitor to your site solve some of their video editing problems. They might even be so inclined to share it with their friends. Or perhaps even opt in to use your software for their future project!

But in order for them to derive this value from your content, they have to be sufficiently interested to read it.

This is where your headline comes in.

"Give me FIVE minutes and I’ll give you the secret to higher conversion"

"3 Things to do TODAY to write quality copy without content writers"

"Research optimized [PRODUCT] ensuring the BEST [RESULT] possible for you (your business)"

Provide people with value in the form of actionable information to help solve their problem, they may decide to reciprocate and help solve yours; that is your low conversion rate.

If you would like to get into the specifics like the formulas of assembling stellar headlines, check out this article from Or try to generate some of your own using templates.

It may also be interesting to examine the mistakes others have made in this article by professional copywriter Alex Cattoni, so you won’t make them yourself.

2. Get to the point

Now you have got an attention-grabbing, captivating, intriguing and downright mesmerizing headline that makes your visitors itch to read on and find out what you have to say;


the rest of your content sucks.

Maybe you will have to pay for a content writer after all. Surely whatever they can churn out will be better than what you can throw together.

But a content writer will never know your brand like you do.

I am going to take my own heading’s advice and flat out say that no one cares about the groundwork and the technicalities.

Get to the point.

Tell your audience what you can do for them. What value your brand can bring to the table. Make that the most easily distinguishable piece of information on your site.

If you have paragraphs on paragraphs explaining how your product works, just don’t. Tell them what you can do, not how you can do it.

It's perfectly understandable that you’re excited about your brand and want to drone on and on about its inner workings or deeper components; but this is not the way to go about getting your audience interested too.

Start to reconstruct your page by making it visually appealing. Which means:

  • No huge paragraphs

  • Use space to make your content scannable

  • Use subheadings and bullet points where appropriate

  • Infographics may prove useful as well is an excellent free resource for making great-looking infographics that your audience would be glad to glance through.

In addition, your brand can also offer moral or ethical value to your audience if it has an interesting story.

Companies like TenTree (a clothing brand that plants trees for every item purchased) and Warby Parker (an eyewear retailer aimed at providing affordable glasses around the world), provide their clients with moral value in the form of a cause that they can get behind.

If this is the case for your brand, communicate that value efficiently and get to the point!

3. Write for THEM

"Learn About Our Team of Experts With Over 50 Awards!"

"Our Team of Harvard Engineers Developed the Best [BLANK] That Money Can Buy!"

If you haven’t already caught on as to why these titles - along with the one with the big red button mentioned under subheading 1 - aren’t exactly ideal, it's because people don’t care.

In addition to long-winded paragraphs, people also don’t care to read about you, your team or your alma mater before they even find out what value you bring to the table.

Put your audience first, and yourself in their shoes.

Make your content about THEM.

Get someone unrelated to your brand or your team to read through your material and get them to tell you after a few seconds if they know what your brand is all about. If they find it challenging, reformat your page.

If you are stressing over email content, try writing like you are speaking to your target audience individually while communicating your value in a straightforward manner. And mostly, try to help them out. No one likes an overly salesy email titled “Dear, Customer”.

Try unconventional or clever subject lines while avoiding the ones that scream mass marketing or desperation.

Check out this article on poor email headlines or try out some templates of ones you can use.


If your content writing is not getting you the conversion rate you desire, stop and consider the following before you look to hire writer:

  • Does your content suggest value to your audience? Are you communicating that value effectively by having content that is scannable and to the point?
  • Does your headline inspire interest for people to read on or make them want to click away?
  • Does your content have the least amount of writing possible? Or does it sound like you’re trying to reach a minimum word count?

If you don’t like the answer to any of these questions, it is time to rethink what you are putting on your site because it doesn’t matter how good your brand is if you fail to communicate it.

It also won’t matter how much value your company potentially has if you can’t keep your visitors reading long enough to tell them about it. offers fantastic templates for headlines, landing pages, and emails alike for whenever you are experiencing that writer’s block that is all too familiar.

In addition, you can get full access to the site for $7 a month which is a fraction of the cost of even an hour with a content writer.

So why trust someone else to tell your story?